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22 February 2012 @ 09:14 pm
Current spazzing  
WHY YES I've just discovered like.... 3 days ago? (19/02)
I was keeping track of jbums entries but they didn't post any news from them apart 'keep smashing blue', so I quite gave up browsing since... last year's august. THANK YOU WIKIPEDIA FOR INFROMING ABOUT THEIR RELEASES 8) (HAHAHA BTW the new album's called For staying real blue and WTF LAST ALLIANCE YOU GUISE SURE HATE BLUE HUH?)

Also, because I'm idiot and forgetful, I'll make a record of LAST ALLIANCE and my stalkery.

  • Became very interested in Shissou back in 2008 with Ouran;
  • Started to search like a crazy and got all songs from DAZE&HOPE singles;
  • Is thankful till now for finding kuronosubeta's entry with at least THREE albums. Helped me a lot!
  • Got some more albums from animes sites. (Astrogate-0, Ryuusei no Namida are the only songs I remember though, maybe IO single);
  • Wikipedia helped me to keep track of their albums;
  • Gimei at deviantart. Had the luck to stumble acrooss at one of his//her journals linking to LA's myspace. Got new songs from them via youtube; (aka KAWAISAKI RELAX)
  • jbums kept lots of their albums PLUS the newest one, Keep Smashing Blue;
  • For Staying Real Blue was mentioned in wiki, immediately found seconds after haha;