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17 June 2012 @ 12:02 pm
How to make poop  
Long time no update, eh?
Today I'll share a very easy cookie receipt my friend and I did, and the resulting dough is easy to shape into anything we want before baking. And man, we did have fun shaping those cookies.

Our cookies before baking.

(I'll edit later with the proper quantities, I'm not really sure and I need to read the receipt again at my friend's)
  • 4 soup spoons(?) of margarine
  • 1 tea spoon (or a bit less) of ferment, yeast or whatever you call this thing for baking bread/cake
  • 3 cups of (pure)flour (there's some flours in the market with ferment mixed in - we just need the flour here)
  • Unknown measure of chocolate powder (like Nescau)
  • Unknown measure of sugar
  • 1(?) egg
Mix together the sugar, margarine and flour first. Add the ferment, egg and chocolate after until we get a dough. After that start mixing the dough by hand until we get a play-doh like consistence. Shape into anything you want, put on a margarine and flour-layered tray (so it wont stick) and put in a pre-heated oven for 17-20 minutes.
-A bit of cinnamon to spice up the taste
-Some nuts (hazelnuts,  castanha-do-pará) to make the poop more realistic LOL

Depending on your cookie size, they may get a bit burnt, so make sure to shape into anything bigger than a school eraser (lol)